Amandine Pierné
Plaisir d'Offrir
06/12/12 - 09/03/13
We are pleased to devote a third solo exhibition to the works of Amandine Pierné. Plaisir d’Offrir is an opportunity for the artist to present recent and unpublished pieces.

Working with confetti, coloured ribbon and pearls, Amandine Pierné has once again ventured into the repetition of hand movements, allowing her to experience the passing of time. The pieces in the exhibition are based on a progressive construction. By combining movement and material, they reveal the artist’s desire to shape time, to solidify it and convert it into an object or a surface. To engage in a Sisyphean work method leads to a very particular way of concentrating your energy into a task, as well as an inevitable time loop, says the artist herself. The art pieces she produces today are getting closer and closer to abstraction. The pattern is omnipresent - it’s at the core of her work. The artist’s works seem to change in appearance. Depending on the distance of observation, our focus changes constantly between the detailed structure and the piece in it’s entirety.

In this way, coloured ribbon is braided in order to create monochrome surfaces composed of a succession of perfectly aligned squares and lines. The very differing formats of her abstract pieces are assembled along the walls of the gallery and positioned in order to create geometric compositions, with titles denoting the duration of their creation.
Confetti has been piled up and stuck together piece by piece creating "PILE", a hexagonal multicolour sculpture, similar to her nearly 30 000 grey pearls strung together one by one to form her sculpture… "Enfilez des perles".

Amandine Pierné has chosen not to cultivate the urgency and speed that characterizes our time, choosing instead to apply her formal research in time and duration, favouring a slow work process. This is not a question of playing a waiting game, but rather a concerted effort to create a shape.
© Pierné, 13h58, 2012, ensemble de 6 modules Bolduc, colle, vernis, bois, 116 x 134 cm