Caroline Molusson
Image du monde flottant
14/06/12 - 13/07/12
We are pleased to present Caroline Molusson’s third solo exhibition at our gallery. For this occasion, the artist has taken over two thirds of the gallery surface for her installation Image du monde flottant. This piece, made out of cut up polystyrene sheets, offers up a view of a monochrome, broken landscape installed about a meter above the floor. Both floating and invasive, it cuts the space in two, slicing through the void by recreating a space within a space, thus establishing a relation between sculpture and architecture. Image du monde flottant synthesizes the formal approach of the artist who, by using simple, inexpensive materials, tirelessly questions the simplicity of the artistic gesture, and the perception of reality.

“Approaching reality as an unstable given that varies according to the way it is looked at, Caroline Molusson has devoted almost ten years to experiments combining displacement, multiple points of view, loss of bearings and equilibrium, and exploration of the void. Drawing on her experience of dance and trapeze, she uses a range of formal ploys – architectural installations, models, drawings, videos – to regenerate the viewer's relationship with space by rendering it more conscious and dynamic. (…). Selected from her immediate environment, her materials – tracing paper, carpet, foam board, Plexiglas – are deliberately fragile and provisional, and cobbled together with a box cutter or sticky tape. Out of this radical economy of means and gesture emerge jumbled, discontinuous spaces to get lost in. Extending her overall conception of space to the perception of works of art, she has come up with series of invisible pieces, sound and visual phenomena, which are no more than spin-offs of some founding object. Filmed from inside a plastic bag, a Bruce Nauman exhibition dissolves into shifting coloured abstractions; a ray of light under a door shrinks as you approach; and from inside a wall Robert de Niro's voice from Taxi Driver mutters, " Then suddenly, there is a change…".
The art of Caroline Molusson is summed up in this sentence: a lightning-flash radically foreign to the space it bisects, an intellectual spike or vanishing point where only more or less violent impressions remain. The artist entices the viewer into a head spinning tension between proclamation of a space for engagement with the real and an opting for extremity of illusion. And the works? Gone as rapidly as they came, leaving no trace, or almost non… (…)”*

* excerpt from "Like lightning: Caroline Molusson or art in a single gesture", Julie Pellegrin, in catalogue
Caroline Molusson, Titre provisoire, 2009
© Caroline Molusson, Image du monde flottant, 2012, détail