Bernhard Fuchs
03/05/12 - 09/06/12
We are pleased to dedicate the third personal exhibition to the work of the Austrian born photographer Bernhard Fuchs by presenting a set of 26 photos from his most recent series Höfe (Farms).

Time and again on walks in the area around Helfenberg I have been confronted with the continuous changes happening to the small farms there. Remotely located in the hilly landscape of the Mühhlviertel, these are mainly mixed-farming operations, something that is reflected in the architecture of the buildings and the forms of the adjacent plots. The climate is bleak, the soils rather meagre. Arable fields, woodland and grassland for the grazing of livestock, mostly dairy cows, are characteristic of the area. Most of the farms are run as secondary sources of income and are passed down from generation to generation. However, structural changes have also taken their toll here: new laws require that stalls and keeping conditions be reorganised, the cost of necessary investment is rising and farmers often struggle to find successors to take over their farms. As such, many of these small farms have been abandoned in recent times.

© Fuchs, Heuhaufen, Neuschlag, 2009, C-Print, 23,5 x 21 cm, Ed. 8