Anna Kleberg
Back and Forth
10/11/10 - 29/01/11
We are pleased to announce Anna Kleberg's second solo show, Back and Forth at our gallery.

Using her studio space as a point of departure for Back and Forth, the exhibition reflects Kleberg’s interest in the shifting nature of the photographic medium as well as her thoughts on the creative process itself. The film and sequential photographs are based on a woman holding, balancing and being surrounded by boxes, paper and other material. Kleberg has, as manifested in her previous work, a longstanding interest for architecture. In Back and Forth the graphic elements shaped from the assembled boxes constructed in the work have replaced architectural forms. Together with the references to happenings and performance art and the first-time inclusion of a human figure, this new series is clearly a step towards a new approach to the creative process.
© Anna Kleberg, Back and Forth, N° 5, 2009, silver gelantin print, 64,5 x 79 cm, Ed. 3