Skin and Bones
Exposition Collective
16/11/07 - 31/01/08
We are pleased to announce the group show „Skin and Bones“, in which recent works of Unmani Rubinstein, Lilach Shahar, Efrat Shalem, and Anat Shalev are presented. The artists, who all belong to the same generation from Tel Aviv, have selected works inviting us to reflect on the ambivalence between the inside and the outside. A parallel is drawn between the external surface and the internal structure, whether it be physical or psychological.

The surface, through its visual aspects, enables the viewer to achieve a deeper reflection, or at least to presume what is hidden behind it. Consequently, the skin plays a double role: a protection for the interior and a layer, which acts as a meeting point – suggesting some kind of interaction.
© Unmani Rubinstein, I see the sea in the sky, 2006, Acryl sur plexi, 100 x 100 cm