Caroline Molusson
Pièces jointes
01/06/07 - 13/07/07
After taking part in the group show “Perspectives”, we have the pleasure to welcome the French artist Caroline Molusson for her solo exhibition “Pièces jointes” at our gallery.

Caroline Molusson (born 1976 in Tours, lives and works in Bordeaux) casts a very personal look at the space, which surrounds us. She tries to distort the laws of logic to which we adhere and which make up our reality. She invites the spectator to take part in her search for new sensations and for different relations between body and space, in order to liberate our outlook and abandon ourselves to another reality where the laws of physics can be reinvented.

In this exhibition, Caroline Molusson invites us to discover the different stages of reflection by which she came to construct these works of differing supports. She offers us a video “Au sud des nuages”, in which the space within the gallery is transformed by a series of experiments. An image has been extracted from the film and is presented in the form of a large-scale poster.
The sculpture “Icosaèdre”, constructed out of coloured plexiglass panels, should be seen as a large-scale, supple and transformable model. Photographs of herself playing with different materials, used for the creation of the other works, form the series “Têtes colorées”; a stained and damaged floor-plan of the gallery as well as two drawings make up the ensemble of the works presented. Using very different media, all the works are linked by her 3 dimensional researches concerning the light, the transparency and her interest in experimentation, which leaves the works open and undetermined.

“I thought up the exhibition all in one go. I conceived all the pieces at the same time in such a way that they are all joined together. I created them all in a spontaneous manner, by chance and with no real prior plan. In this way, for the first image in the series of coloured heads, without thinking I held up in front of my face a sheet of transparent plastic – used to make the polyhedral model – and the flash went off accidentally in front of my mouth…the exposure therefore represents a series of choices, decisions and sequences which could have been different. I plucked ideas out of mid-air, trying to capture a moment where reality becomes fantasy.”
© Caroline Molusson, sans titre, Poster, tirage jet encre, 180 x 250 cm, Ed. 8