Laura Horelli
Reports and Diaries
11/11/05 - 27/01/06
It is with great pleasure that the Gallery Ilka Bree welcomes the Finnish artist Laura Horelli (born in 1976 in Helsinki, lives and works in Berlin), for her exhibition "Reports and Diaries".

Laura Horelli is a conceptual artist, who deals with socio-cultural issues, such as globalisation, urbanism, gender and the media. She is interested in the exploration of different methods and tools of documentation.

The exhibition opens with an installation entitled "Karl-Marx-Allee and Kreshchatik", which is composed of photographs printed on panels, accompanied by a text. In this installation, Horelli displays her observations of these two boulevards of stalinist architecture; the Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin, where the artist lives and works, and Kreshchatik in Kiev. The comparison reveals certain differences, but also some similarities in relation to their use and status within the two capitals.
She uses these boulevards in order to reflect upon the historical, political and sociological situation in the places concerned. Through the text, offered to the public on a pedestal, it appears that Laura Horelli is not concerned with delivering an exhaustive study, but rather personal notes, comments and her own observations.

This subjective way of filtering information, is all the more visible in the other installation presented at the gallery. For the work "Reconfiguration du Monde", she takes the editions of the newspaper from the three days leading up to the opening of the exhibition, and offers a personal re-composition. These reconstructed editions are thus presented in the exhibition with the originals at the spectators’ disposition.

For the video "04.11.05" Laura Horelli records the evening news of France 2. She then replaces the soundtrack with the voiceovers of three women, living in Bordeaux, who talk about their daily activities on this specific day. It is left to the women, of three different age groups, to decide what is relevant to share with us. This concept was first elaborated in 2000, since which time it has been executed in several different places.

Laura Horelli has exhibited at the Taxispalais in Innsbruck, at Galerie Barbara Weiss in Berlin and at AIAV in Yamaguchi. She has also participated in several group shows including Manifesta 5 in San Sebastian, Rooseum in Malmö, La Biennale in Venice, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Frankfurter Kunstverein and NBK in Berlin.
© Installation View, Karl-Marx-Allee and Kreshchatik, 2005